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The Photographer - Nicole Sobania

A Little About Me

I am Nicole Sobania and I am a one-woman show when it comes to owning and operating Food Photography MN. As a foodie and an artistic type it only seemed right to blend my two passions together and help bring out the natural beauty of food and beverages.

Shooting With Me

As I said I am a one woman show, so if you are interested in working with Food Photography MN you will be working directly with me! I shoot all photos myself and do all the editing. Everything is done by me, a local MN native, nothing will ever be outsourced.

I work only with natural lighting, as this is the best way to bring out the beauty of food and drinks, so if you are interested in having me come in for a photo shoot be prepared that I will request a time of day with the best lighting (usually around noon, depending on where your windows are located). I also will show up with a ton of props that can be used to enhance the photos.

Food Styling

I will provide some tips and recommendations on plating and styling, however, in the end it is ultimately up to the chef and owner to decide how they would like the food presented.

Shoot With Me!

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